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Art and Cultural Public Relations

Quite Great Art and Cultural Public Relations

Since 1996 music and the arts have played a fundamental part in the growth of Quite Great PR Marketing and Brand Development. We are honoured to have worked with the likes of Arts for India in their mission is to help underprivileged young Indian people, and lead a way out of poverty for them via the provision of Education in Art and Creative Design to an international standard. Quite Great helped with the awareness building for one of their yearly events held at the Saatchi Gallery the wonderful nature of this organisation is the clarity of the message as outlined below –

Arts For India has five key objectives:

– To educate talented Indian artists in dire straits that deserve a chance, via our International Scholarship Programme scheme.

– To support IIFA’s vision to promote Indian culture & art and provide quality education in accordance with global standards, making IIFA the first university of fine arts in India, on a new campus (175 acres) with an International Museum, Arts Centre, and public art exhibition in Delhi (Jungle City).

– To promote IIFA’s educational partnerships with the University of Arts (London), and the Prince’s Drawing School, as a means to work hand-in-hand to fulfil IIFA’s vision.

– To support all the students at the institute by providing better art material and fabric to give the students a better chance to explore their creativity.

– To help in the construction of an International Department at IIFA for international students to study, practice, and learn at.

A simple aim and a simple message is always a fundamental aspect of a strong marketing relationship.

Quite Great’s understanding of art’s cultural touch stones stems from one of it’s founding members starting their career at Sotheby’s and subsequently consulting within the fine art world covering. The coverage gained has spanned every major publication in the UK ranging from Country Life to The Daily Telegraph. The creation of the press release and the understanding of all aspects relating to the sale of a painting, sculpture or artefact is fundamental to building the media approach taken when promoting a project. Together with the client we work diligently to focus on all relevant press and broadcast hooks , then setting out a strategy to drive awareness whether it be for an individual artist or a major event.

A classic example of the work conducted relates to the auction of legendary Pink Floyd founder member Syd Barrett’s art following his untimely death and the vast array of media that covered the story. The Quite Great team have worked with the likes of Mick Rock on unique limited edition art sold by a London Gallery through to auctions that included Turner paintings.

The Quite Great art and Culture public relations and marketing team understand the importance in many cases where discretion is vital , not everyone wishes all aspects of the history or family background to be common knowledge and we as a team pride ourselves on making sure we work with the client to only inform the media what is agreed and approved.

Quite Great Brand Marketing and public relations is an international and nationally recognised PR company, respected in the industry as one of the most creative, where our professional passion and loyalty are key aspects in our PR campaigns. Amongst our music industry and corporate clients we also have over twenty years of experience in the world of art and culture. This established reputation highlights not only our success in the world of PR and Marketing but also our personal understanding of the business and the clients desires as the foundations upon which we initially build our relationships ,when creating a successful campaign. Whilst developing this important and close bond with the client we aim to provide a successful long term growth and development of the client’s business through attention to detail surrounded by original ideas and strategic plans that aim to attract and excite a media response.

We have a proven track record, not only in specialist arts publications but also national mainstream publications, targeting national, international and local media, radio and television.

To have a successful PR campaign in the world of art and culture we realise that your PR team must have a passion, love and understanding of the arts and most importantly with the business whose campaign we are building, which is something we strive to achieve with every client. Our PR team will bring together their professional knowledge from all aspects of PR to ensure that all our campaigns maximise their full potential for ultimate success.

An understanding and hence PR attention of arts and culture events has developed over the years through working with artworks from classical works of art to contemporary paintings, jewellery, furniture and twentieth century arts and design. We understand how to develop national and regional PR campaigns and this has been achieved on many occasions with exciting discoveries in the art world which through strategic media placement has attracted positive attention enhancing the sale and promotion of these works.
Quite Great PR has delivered many unique PR campaigns over the years that have earned us the reputation as a PR company who will attract media attention and then public attention through initiative and creative thinking.

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