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The Ultimate Tips for Social Media for Bands and Artists


The Ultimate Tips for Social Media for Bands and Artists

January 26, 2018

As a Music PR company, we know promoting your music on social media can feel like a never-ending nightmare, where do you even start, there are so many platforms, all with a different way of telling your story.

Facebook have a powerful advertising tool which allows bands to create adverts for their content, allowing you to target people who are fans of similar artists and you can even target to a specific location. This is a great tool for getting eyes on your band, but it can be difficult to get people to listen to a full track on Facebook. To do this you need to be creative with your visuals to get people to turn the volume up and listen to your track. It may even be better to put a white text banner on your content to give people a reason to listen to the track. Check out what we did for Hunter with his track So Gay:

This video went on to achieve 365,000 views and almost 1000 shares and 1000 comments. This was done with the catchy title, which can also get people to tag their friends in it too.

Youtube works a little differently, a successful Youtube channel has consistency and slowly grows your views and subscribers video by video. Not all bands can do this, you need to have a strong personality and the resources to create constant structure, so most bands will use Youtube primarily to host their video and nothing more. We do recommend using Youtube ads for your music, which can get your music in-front of people who are already watching videos of similar artists.

Whichever social media you use, the key to success is to be creative and do something different, to get your audience to care enough to check out your music.

Content Strategy

As well as your Music PR campaign, social media success comes down to the strength of your content, you need to tell a story across your social media and not rely on your music to drive the traffic and fans. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake all went beyond their music to have the greatest successes.

Social Media guru, Gary Vaynerchuk suggests the 3 options for a successful digital marketing strategy is to either document, entertain or educate. Most of our artists will go for the documenting route as it is easier, and the available content is constantly around you 24/7. You can document your journey from very beginnings to stardom, while telling your story.

This can be done with across many mediums, whether you simply record on your phone, write blogs or even start a podcast. There are endless ways to communicate with your audience without a large investment.


spotify promotion

Where to promote your music

Quite Great Music PR have an excellent Youtube series which explains in detail the best places to upload your music, so check that out!

The best place to upload your music for promotion is Spotify, with listeners of over 140 million, this is the ultimate place to have success with your music. Success from Spotify promotion comes from being added to popular playlists in order to gain more listeners and be featured on Discover Weekly’s.

Soundcloud is the 2nd most popular music platform after Spotify, which we see to be more popular for Hip-hop and EDM rather than the Indie-Rock which is seen on Spotify. Our strategy to get streams on Soundcloud is to use our contacts to get your tracks shared by popular accounts with a high number of followers such as other popular artists.

Our final area to upload to is of course Youtube, which is used by artists primarily as hosting for their music video, however we do recommend you create a content strategy for Youtube as well, which can build your subscribers and therefore drive traffic to your music video.


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