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YouTube: An Artist’s Best Friend


YouTube: An Artist’s Best Friend

October 12, 2016

Here at Quite Great, there is one thing that we always say to bands who seek our services: make your online presence visible. This is fundamental, even before you have thought about booking gigs and searching for a label. In this day and age, if someone likes your music, the first place they are going to look for it is online, so why make it difficult for them to find? Streamline those social media accounts so your fans have a one-stop-shop for listening to your music.

Why your band should make YouTube it’s best friend

Out of all these platforms, Youtube has become the fairy godparent of the modern band. However, understanding how it works is crucial to optimising coverage and building the hype train. It would be delusional to think that your video will go viral overnight, so being patient and knowing your stuff is the recipe for increasing your audience and fan base.

Did you know Radio Stations use YouTube as a resource?

Radio stations tend to go to an artist’s YouTube page before checking out their music on other platforms because this way, they can gage public response and estimate just how big they are on the scale of nobody to superstar – cue Quite Great PR. We can help improve your channel and give you the guidance that will inevitably lead to more people hearing your music. But remember, there’s no point in ‘buying’ views. For the big radio stations and music journalists, it’s just a warning signal that you’re trying too hard; 100 thousand views with no likes or comments is hardly a green light for these guys. Besides, don’t kid yourself into thinking your act is successful, know that you’re successful.

Ensure your branding is consistent online

As mentioned previously, streamlining your online image is a key component in finding new listeners. Make sure each platform looks and feels the same, like a brand. An image that people can remember is an image they will come back to.


Quite Great’s YouTube top tips

  • Live footage: fans often want to put a face to the music they love and so live videos are a great way of doing this. For most bands, live performance is half of the act and booking agents will want to know how you carry yourself on stage.
  • The ‘Kurt Cobain’ unplugged/stripped back video: Perfect for the radio stations who might want you to come in and perform something a little more toned down and intimate. It’s also a great way of demonstrating your versatility as an artist.
  • Single videos: These are the mainstays of the band’s image that can be plugged on various media platforms in order to increase hits. Hint: Quite Great can even secure online video premieres.
  • Behind the scenes video: Much like the live footage, fans always want to get closer to the band and this is one way they can do this. These are also helpful for when new material is still in process; they can be released just to keep fans in the loop and your social media accounts ticking over.
  • Covers: Covering a popular track that is getting lots of hits can be a wise move in increasing your fan base. Fans of the original artist may not necessarily be into your genre of music, but now they have a connection and a new perspective on their favourite song. Make sure to tag the original artist to gain the optimum amount of views.
  • Tags: Start small and then think bigger, outside the box. Begin with band names, titles and genres then go more abstract: things that feature in your videos such as brands or venues.

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