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Hotel and Tourist Public Relations

Quite Great Hotel and Tourist Public Relations

Quite Great will promote your resort, tourist destination or area of regional interest to UK consumers and build awareness in all national and local media focusing on driving more tourists to your destination. in addition , if you have a brand you wish to promote in the UK for example a drinks brand, food brand or business enterprise that you wish to grow sales and public interest in the UK we can act as your office in this territory.

Quite Great has over 20 years experience working with tourist boards, restaurants, luxury travel companies, travel apps, food & drink brands and holiday centres. We provide a professional, bespoke, premium media relations service to national and international clients – we can help boutique enterprises through to bluechip brands, all clients are treated with care and given the attention they deserve.

As well as full communication solutions we also offer a range of different marketing tools from; website design, brochure creation, strategy design and evaluation as well as working alongside product distributors to make sure our clients get the help and support they need when distributing to the UK market. We specialise in building the profile of International & European brands within UK media, whether it’s a holiday destination, international event, new product launches looking to get exposure in the UK or even mobile app & website development.

Although we help brands across the world , If you are a resort with an extraordinary localised event, or want to invite the world to celebrate with you for a special anniversary or capitalising on peak times of the year, we are able to develop captivating media campaigns around topical hooks and media-friendly themes to ignite UK media interest and attract keen travellers. If you are a Real Estate company trying to sell property in the far reaches of the globe then we can help you as well. We organise media press trips on behalf of our clients including TV, radio broadcasters, celebrities and press journalists and we make sure all media who attend press trips have confirmed commissions so our clients receive the best media results possible.

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