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Indie Movie and Entertainment PR and Marketing

Quite Great Indie Movie and Entertainment PR and Marketing

Quite Great Brand Services have worked on many film and dvd related projects from Documentaries such as Outfoxed, through to work on classic kids tv like Rainbow , Dangermouse and Count Duckula when we promoted a range of video products from the media giant Freemantle.

Over a period of more than twenty years we have helped the creative marketing teams promoting dvd releases for Arsenal, Manchester City and Celtic whilst helping the legendary Gerry Anderson , creator of Thunderbirds , re promote of series of his dynamic , groundbreaking dvd releases.

For many years we worked with the maverick indie movie mogul Alki David which gave us a great insight into how to adapt our music and entertainment background to drive both industry media such as the Hollywood Reporter through to local UK broadcast outlets.

Yet it is helping the small indie movie production companies in the UK that brings most satisfaction. Working out percentage deals and equity to offset the worry of large pr budgets and at the same time allowing us as a company to bring in a passion and focus that makes us part of the overall team. We bring together online, print and broadcast media helping on all levels to facilitate the breathing space needed by the producers and directors to help them focus on their strengths whilst we focus on ours , helping with media relations , sales and other marketing needs but it might be easier to leave the way we work to one of our favourite partners , the wonderful Kenton Hall and his Monkey Basket Films , a true indie movie all rounder –

Independent film-making is a difficult game. I think anyone who has ever attempted it, knows that. It’s a constant learning curve and, often, a constant fight against a lack of resources, time and money.

And making the movie is only the beginning of the process. So many talented and creative people complete incredible pieces of work, only to find themselves asking the eternal question, “What now?”

The role of PR in the success of a film, in raising awareness and building an audience for your work is often misunderstood and, certainly, undervalued.

Working with Quite Great PR on “A Dozen Summers” has been an absolute joy, but also an absolute necessity. Our film, of which we are so proud, has been loved and looked after by the entire team. Each of whom have been endlessly creative, imaginative and driven to create the right campaign for the movie, rather than simply try to use a cookie-cutter approach that wouldn’t have served their needs.

I can’t recommend Quite Great highly enough. Their experience and dedication at our disposal has made so much possible for our movie.

Kenton Hall
Monkey Basket Films

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