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Events, Gigs And Live Services

Want to book your own gigs but don’t know where to start?

Our team can advise you where to begin and how to navigate this seemingly impossible and often daunting task.

We can tailor a package, specific to your needs as an artist, advising you every step of the way; from streamlining your online image to knowing what promoters are looking for. After your time with Quite Great, you’ll feel much more confident when it comes to getting your own shows.

Tour Booking

Looking to head out on the road?

Look no further. We can book you a UK/European tour of 10-20 dates tailored to your budget and needs. Our PR team will handle the promotion and release schedules to coincide with your dates too.

Touring Logistics and Advancing

Do you already have a tour planned?

We can take care of all your advancing and logistical needs whether you need accommodation, transport or even a new touring crew – we’ve got you covered.

Single/EP/Album Launches

Launching a single, EP or album?

If you want to announce yourself with a bang and a big launch party, Quite Great can take away all the hassle, arranging the show, promoting it and ensuring that the right industry members know about it and come down to your event.

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You Run The Media

Well, not totally, but within the campaign structures we will get our in-house team to create relevant copy in-line with the information you give us.

We will then build a bespoke campaign from the ground-up, looking at your style and image, identifying relevant platforms in which to promote you.

As the campaign grows we'll feedback to you on the reviews and how the media is responding to your music.

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Our team can help you to get the media attention you desire.

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