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What Does A Music Publisher Do?

A Publisher has three key roles:

1. Protection.

Registering your copyrights with a Publisher means they will be protected against any infrigements, deliberate or otherwise.

2. Collection / Administration

A Publisher administers your works and makes sure all revenues are being collected whether from Performance Income (radio play, gigs etc), Mechanical Income (from sales of your music) or Synchronisation (usage in film, tv, adverts etc).

3. Exploitation.

This is exploitation in the creative sense. Your publisher will want to maximise your (and their) earnings from your catalogue so they will look for ways of generating income such as synchronisation, cover versions etc.

The days of a Publisher being out of reach are over. We’ve decided to work with Sentric Music who have turned Publishing on its head.

You can now effectively sign yourself up, free of charge, and thus reap the benefits of a Publisher as part of your team. There’s a 28 day opt-out clause should you wish to move elsewhere and we think this is unique in the world of Music Publishing.

You will receive a quarterly account with whatever royalty payments you are due. Sentric will keep 20% of royalties they administer for you. If there is an up front synchronisation fee they will charge 25% of the gross amount.

Sentric Music

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