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Quite Great Irish Music PR and Radio

For many years Quite Great has been working with a diverse range of Irish music artists from both sides of the border encompassing the likes Van Morrison, Damien Dempsey, Declan O’Rourke , Mary Black , The Dubliners, the wonderful Jerry Fish , Sharon Shannon and an array of developing acts who need our Quite Great Label services like the totally fantastic Jupe. Although we are not based in Ireland – parental bloodline actually sometimes makes me feel we are – it has not stopped us from acting as a bridge into the UK and back to Ireland helping acts to release music in the UK and target media from Hot Press to Irish World and the likes of Irish Daily Star to Pure M Zine, State, Nialler 9 to mainstream media like RTE Radio and Entertainment.IE

We have helped artists gain coverage in the likes of The Guardian and then even help those with a family connection in Ireland like Si Cranstoun get start up Radio 2 coverage. So whether you are looking for promotion in the UK or looking for promotion in Ireland , Quite Great can help you grow, but it is all about team work. We supply a unique framework that encompasses the feel of a record label release pattern with the promotional team structure to cover individual services or an integrated development plan that can cover nine months with a series of three or four releases.

For a budget that you dictate we offer a team of professionals who will help develop your talent , looking at creative angles , building online connections, and introducing you to broadcast media that fits your needs. If you are based in Ireland as many of the acts we have helped find themselves, then we can act as a base for you in the UK , communicating regularly by skype or email or naturally the phone !!!

Quite Great Label services can also help introduce you to publishing companies , and major labels as the pr machine kicks in and grows your fan base and Quite Great Live – our touring services arm – can help you set up gigs in the UK again when the time is right.

So contact us now on skype at – quitegr8 or email at ASK@QUITEGREAT.CO.UK

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You Run The Media

Well, not totally, but within the campaign structures we will get our in-house team to create relevant copy in-line with the information you give us.

We will then build a bespoke campaign from the ground-up, looking at your style and image, identifying relevant platforms in which to promote you.

As the campaign grows we'll feedback to you on the reviews and how the media is responding to your music.

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Our team can help you to get the media attention you desire.

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