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Quite Great Musician Psychotherapy

Quite Great Musician Psychotherapy is here to help you so contact us now

Quite Great have been helping musicians develop their talents since 1996. During this time we have gained extensive insights into the emotional side of musicians trying to build a career, as well as seeing major artists encountering new psychological problems in life as their fame and their success grows. In recent years we have noticed what we feel is a much greater degree of stress and other mental health issues relating to the day to day lives of artists whatever the nature of their creativity. We therefore felt there was a pressing need to set up the Quite Great Musician Therapy Service in conjunction with specialist skills coach and psychotherapist Helen Brice

Every recording artist and performer of music has to have at least two sides to their personality in order to really reach the heights that they wish to achieve, and as they go through each stage in their development they need to handle many differing pressures , from demands made on them by managers, labels and agents to handling being ‘dropped’ by labels and at times coming to terms with the fact that their popularity is diminishing.

As a PR and marketing company Quite Great believes they have a particular place in caring for their artists on all levels. We spend many hours discussing all aspects of artists background when we are getting to know how their music links in with their lives and often we have found that music is inspired by tragedy, hardship, break ups and this is simply the starting point for other issues that take place in their day to day lives, and many therefore need appropriate guidance and help that only a qualified individual can offer.

We work alongside a number of psychotherapists who we can call upon to discuss all the needs of an artist relating to such matters as stress, depression and anxiety, some even have a background in music for example one of our team is a trained classical music graduate and regularly performs with the BBC Symphony Chorus and the London Bulgarian Choir. As an active musician this helps give some of our therapists a unique understanding of the pressures that musicians encounter and this makes them perfect to be involved in our service. Once introduced our interaction can encompass one to one meetings or if necessary ‘on site’ at an event, concert or performance to help the artist come through specific emotional turmoil that may manifest itself before a major gig.

The  differing stages in a musician’s career can cause real emotional turmoil needing a specialist approach to be taken, but as touched upon within this information there are also other, more straight forward requirements musicians need, such as overcoming  ‘stage fright’  to what the general public may understand as ‘confidence building’ or ‘stress management’.

The more an artist grows in popularity the more they need to have ‘thick skin’ in order to face media reviews and online critics as well as having to emulate on occasions the confidence of an Olympic athlete, in order to believe they can overcome all problems and become a star, if that is what they are searching for.

Quite Great Musician Psychotherapy is here to help you so contact us now at to discuss what we can do for you within your musical career.

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