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Powerful social strategies to promote your music online

Quite Great have been helping dance acts through to folk acts gain online activity for over a decade. From legends such as Mick Jagger to acts like Newton Faulkner, major compilations from the likes of Ministry of Sound, to simply helping growing acts grow that little bit faster.

We operate a very simple method of online development that encompasses creating foundations for our acts to build on throughout a series of release patterns, so the first thing to do is make sure that there is activity. Now this sounds obvious but the important thing to you as a new or developing artist is the ability to get your music seen and heard. With our network of music blogs, entertainment sites, release postings etc. we rapidly develop deliverable PR activity for our clients that then sets up the focus on hitting the bigger and more influential hype-machine blogs, the Pitchforks of the world, the Huffington Post through to the NME online, Guardian online and everything in-between.

The online PR side is all about building an online presence via creating powerful social strategies, targeting our vast array of bloggers and music journalists, through to online radio shows. We have been helping acts grow online since pretty much the birth of the internet as a tool to help promote artists, you only have to look back to the likes of Sandi Thom to know where our creative heart lies. From Facebook to YouTube, we’ve got you covered.

Regular reporting between our team and yourselves, along with the flow of ideas is vital. Once we have online growth we target selected online local radio and community stations to gain plays and feedback which allows us to use these plays as building blocks. With the online PR campaign growing further, we add local print and look for creative angles to fully exploit opportunistic national news media.

By the final stage of the campaign we will have reports relating to relevant press, online media and radio stations. Hence your online PR campaign is the springboard to a focused team strategy.


Case Studies:

Anarchy Reigns

Anarchy Reigns came up to us with an objective of growing his Social Media presence in order to promote his upcoming music video. With every client we try to develop an ongoing theme for each social media channel. The theme we decided to go for is “Anarchy in places where there really shouldn’t be anarchy”

Anarchy Reigns now has a popular Facebook page which attracted 220,000 likes, with at least 1,000 likes on every post he makes.

You can check out his page here:

Hunter Blue

Hunter Blue wished to promote his track “So Gay”, which is a blues track with high potential to be a Gay Anthem. Quite Great used Facebook’s algorithm to target the best audience possible to make his music video go viral

Beldon Haigh

Beldon Haigh came to us with his protest song against Donald Trump. We targeted Donald Trump protesters to make sure they saw his video. Beldon now has over 200,000 likes on his Facebook with high engagement levels.

Have a project you’d like to discuss? Get in touch via or skype us at QUITEGR8 and let us guide you through the process.

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Well, not totally, but within the campaign structures we will get our in-house team to create relevant copy in-line with the information you give us.

We will then build a bespoke campaign from the ground-up, looking at your style and image, identifying relevant platforms in which to promote you.

As the campaign grows we'll feedback to you on the reviews and how the media is responding to your music.

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