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World Music PR and radio services

Quite Great World Music PR and radio services

Quite Great pr and promotions have been promoting artists from around the world in the UK for over decades. We have promoted bands from the Ukraine to Canada and from Portugal to Russia, so we understand world music and music from all around the world!! Having helped promote projects by everyone from Femi Kuti to Khaled ; Feli Kuti to Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Lucky Dube to the wonderful Soweto String Quartet not to mention Don Laka. We understand that world music comes in all different categories of music from around the world and is simply classed as ‘world music’ in order to give it a place in the UK music industry, but we treat each artist on their own merits. With a history that covers major label experience at MCA , Zomba and Polydor and a company that has been in existence for many decades, you will know that you are in safe hands whether you be a renowned oud player or a baile funk outfit from Brazil our team can help you by discussing your needs then fitting your budget to a timeline and a list of services that mean you can have total faith in what we do.

World Music Promotion - Wiyaala
It does not matter what part of the world you live, we communicate with clients from Argentina to China and make sure you get your weekly reports and also ready to chat on skype via ‘Quitegr8’. Our service gives you the chance to build your music brand, then as things grow the opportunities for gigs and general performances will grow with them.

Our team will help expand your online profile building you music through a series of structured timelines that allow us to increase with each step the media coverage whilst making sure we do not miss out on making sure all aspects of your music are targeted at all relevant music outlets exactly as if you were on your own record label with you as the boss and you contributing to the aims of the campaign , always on a budget that fits your needs.

In simple terms our integrated marketing campaign focuses on releasing a single/ep/album and helping to build the profile of an artist in theUK the starting price for a phased Development campaign is agreed on a per week basis for the ten week period building online postings of sites we can get video links , music links, press releases.

Femi Kuti

You would first work with our inhouse journalist team on the correct narratives and make sure a cross section of sites we run, profile you and your music rapidly and in the way you wish to be presented. In addition we would like to be supplied with relevant acts whom you feel you could gain fans from so we can attempt to seed forums associated with them following your lead to build your fans. We then use the platform we have created to get out there and focus on relevant music sites to gain online interviews , competitions etc which will again help with your social networking needs. At this stage you will also have given us an outline of some frontline media you feel from a print perspective you wish to target in addition to our advised ones so we get a real feel for your bands aims. We will then be fully loaded for the next phase.

Quite Great acts like a bridge to the UK for you to release your music, you work with our inhouse team, get regular reports and as a team, help to build your music in the UK . So contact us now on skype – quitegr8 or email –

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You Run The Media

Well, not totally, but within the campaign structures we will get our in-house team to create relevant copy in-line with the information you give us.

We will then build a bespoke campaign from the ground-up, looking at your style and image, identifying relevant platforms in which to promote you.

As the campaign grows we'll feedback to you on the reviews and how the media is responding to your music.

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Our team can help you to get the media attention you desire. We are a leading music PR, music promotion and music marketing company based in the UK.

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