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Quite Great Spotify Promotion

Quite Great Marketing and PR - Spotify Promotion

Quite Great Tips for Musicians – Promoting your music on SPOTIFY

#1 It’s FREE
This platform allows you to distribute and share your music to millions of people and develop a fledgling fan base, which doesn’t cost you ANYTHING!

#2 Discovery
Spotify’s discovery algorithms are the best on the market.
Have you ever been listening to music on Spotify and suddenly a song you’ve never heard before comes on?! You become that bands new biggest fan. You can be THAT BAND!

#3 It’s for music lovers
Youtube may also be a huge sharing platform for music but Spotify is for ‘music lovers’. If you are logging on to Spotify you are there for the music whereas on Youtube this may be mixed with looking at funny cat videos for example.

However Spotify users have come to listen and to discover new artists and bands and this is where the algorithms come in to play so they can find your genre and subsequently your new release.

#4 User Orientated
They’re millions and millions of users on Spotify and they are the ultimate decision makers on your music and if they want to listen. Traditionally it would be just one person at a Radio station, listening to every track and making the final call, but you now have an alternative way of sharing your music.

If the user likes your new track they can add it to their own playlist which may have up to tens of thousand of followers itself and your music will reach a widespread audience.

#5 Revenue
You can get revenue from day one. As soon as people start listening to your music you’re getting money. You may not see a lot of revenue, especially in the early days but take it as a journey and it will soon add up to something more meaningful.

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