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Music PR and Marketing

Quite Great Music PR and Music Marketing offers artists all the label services they may need to promote their music.


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Brand PR and Marketing

From start ups to developing brands Quite Great offers marketing advice and promotional expertise that can help your brand grow.


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Quite Great Music Promotion

Quite Great Music PR & music promotion offers headline-grabbing publicity campaigns for unsigned acts of all genres. Want to get yourselves heard on the radio? Your music video played on TV? Creative stories in the newspaper? Features online? Our campaigns cover and develop all these areas. Having the experience of working with a range of acts from Nickelback to Newton Faulkner, from KISS to Mariah Carey, in addition to working with major labels like Warner Music to independent labels.

Brand PR

2gr8 Consumer PR offers publicity and marketing campaign services from product placement and social media development for brands to local and national broadcaster as well as print media targeting.  Our clients have included The Health Lottery to independent movie companies, such as FilmON mobile apps like Evi to food brands such as Munchy Seeds, entertainment companies like Universal through to technology brands like TMTI.

Music PR

Quite Great Music PR. In addition to our long standing promotional team that covers press, online and radio within one streamlined, homogenous team. We can arrange distribution, we also have our own label, Palila as well as a publishing agreement with Notting Hill and an agency that covers touring for bands and management, everything from the Artist and Label services side of what we do.

We have been going since 1996 based on the idea that the business of music should be fun, creative and honourable. As a company the music team strive to make sure that we act on behalf of our clients in a professional manner and insure that communication with them is at the forefront of everything we do. Our business model is simple, we will discuss your needs with you and work out a way to create a budget and on occasions a partnership that can help you maintain your release patterns and band development without fearing that the wheels are going to fall off. Quite Great has a reputation for creative thinking and the stories we develop are regularly in the media, we love what we do as we believe music is one of the four most important things in life. Read More

Music PR for all genres

Music Promotion for All Genres

At Quite Great Music PR we work with many artists and bands from all genres including, classical, jazz, rock & metalurban & hip-hop, dance, folk, blues and more.
2gr8 Consumer PR offers publicity campaigns, helps with product placement and social media development for brands. Our clients range from The Health Lottery to tech brands like FilmOn, to independent retailers like Cuckoo Clothing.


From start ups to developing brands Quite Great offers marketing advice and promotional expertise that can help your brand grow. We cater for all aspects of marketing, strategy, events and technology needs. Our expertise in PR, Market Research, Innovation, Social Media, Mobile, New Technologies, Business Models and marketing trends enables us to understand a client’s needs and their target audience, and to create experiences where brands can establish lasting relationships with their customers.

What’s more we help brands to listen to their customers, to make sense of consumer feelings; meaning brands can engage, involve and continually excite their target audiences.

We create marketing and PR that is inspirational, innovative and imaginative. Combine this with our offices and services that cover the breadth of Britain we quite simply are Quite Great! Read More

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