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A Music PR Company specialising in Music Promotion, Band Promotion and Entertainment in the UK, Great PR promotion, marketing and development services, including Brands and Mobile App promotion.

Music PR


Quite Great Music PR offers headline-grabbing publicity campaigns for unsigned acts of all genres. Want to get yourselves heard on the radio? Your music video played on TV? Creative stories in the newspaper? Features online? Our campaigns cover and develop all these areas. Having the experience of working with a range of acts from Nickelback to Newton Faulkner, from KISS to Mariah Carey, in addition to working with major labels like Warner Music to independent labels.


Who are Quite Great PR?


Quite Great is a PR and marketing company promoting music and brands in the UK since 1996, using creative thinking to gain headline grabbing opportunities for our clients whether they are benefiting from our music label services agency or our brand services agency. Music promotion in the UK goes hand in hand with our brand PR and marketing team who specialise in boutique brands of all shapes and sizes, from mobile apps to tech companies, food and drink start ups to music festivals. The Quite Great music marketing and music publicity agency has worked with legends in music from Van Morrison to Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart to Ray Davies, building online music PR promotion, to print pr. With the introduction of our Quite Great Music Label Services initiative, the agency now offers all the things a music project needs to release and promote music in the uk from distribution, booking agency through to publishing and radio plugging. Quite Great Brands Services has broadened this to include similar services for developing brands. Businesses who may wish to bring in experts short term on flexible agreements, which fit their budgets and may be offset by agreements relating to sales, exactly how we work with our labels and music clients.


Quite Great Music Marketing and the Brand team aim to bring creative thinking and focused promotion which drives sales and most of all does not stick to rigid pricing, we love what we do and so if we love what you do then we will do all we can to fit in with your needs.


Sales; Marketing; Events; PR and Promotion we want to help your project grow so contact out team on or via Skype – quitegr8 and discuss your needs with us and see if we can be of service.  

Music PR for All Genres


At Quite Great Music PR we work with many artists and bands from all genres including, classical, jazz, rock & metal, urban & hip-hop, dance, folk, blues and more.

2gr8 Consumer PR offers publicity campaigns, helps with product placement and social media development for brands. Our clients range from The Health Lottery to tech brands like FilmOn, to independent retailers like Cuckoo Clothing.

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