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Music PR and

Quite Great Music PR and Music Marketing offers artists all the label services they may need to promote their music.


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Brand PR and

From start ups to developing brands, Quite Great offers marketing advice and promotional expertise that can help your brand grow.


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Quite Great – Proud Promoters of The Percy Phillips Studio Collection, Part of The International Beatleweek Festival 2018

About us

What other marketing company can offer you video production through to front line brand promotion with a history of working with everyone from tech to food and mobile apps to interior designers whilst also having worked with legendary musicians from Van Morrison, Meatloaf, Russell Watson and Guns ‘n’ Roses? Well, we are here ready and waiting to hear from you so our team can help you market and promote your talent, with innovative creative thinking, structured vision to drive sales from online and digital to mainstream print and broadcast.

So check out our range of services via our website and then contact us. we love what we do, and as we say ‘Your Talent is Our Business and has been since 1996!’

Music PR and Promotion

We have been going since 1996, based on the idea that the business of music pr, promotion and marketing should be fun, creative and honourable.

As a company the music team make sure that we act on behalf of our clients in a professional manner and ensure that communication is at the forefront of everything we do.

Our business model is simple, we will discuss your needs with you and work out a way to create a budget and on occasions, a partnership that can help you maintain your release patterns and band development.

The Quite Great Music PR team not only covers press and online radio, but we can also arrange distribution and also have our own label, as well as a publishing agreement with Notting Hill.

We work with many artists and bands from all genres, including: classical, jazz & blues, rock & metal, urban & hip-hop, dance, folk and more.

Quite Great has a reputation for creative marketing and the music pr stories we develop are regularly in the media, we love what we do as we believe music is one of the four most important things in life.

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Brand services

We cater for all aspects of marketing, promotion, strategy, events and technology needs. Our expertise in PR, Market Research, Innovation, Social Media, Mobile, New Technologies, Business Models and marketing trends enables us to understand a client’s needs and their target audience, from start-ups that need Food and Drink Brand Development to brands, Website PR and Marketing Quite Great offers marketing advice and promotional expertise that can help your entrepreneurial vision grow.

Our world is like a department store on the ground floor you may find us helping Baby and Children’s, Home and Interiors Brand Development, Art and Cultural Public Relations, Fashion & Accessories Marketing and PR to market and sell, then take the escalator up to the first floor and you will find our team helping to promote Company Videos and Viral Marketing through to Events Music and Corporate one more floor up and you are amongst Restaurant and Bar, Schools and Education, Charity Marketing and Public Relations then on the Top floor you will find the Quite Great team  creatively working on ideas for Tech and Gadget Brand Development, Mobile App PR and Marketing through to Brand Blogging and SEO and Digital.

What’s more we try to help brands listen to their customers and understand both media interaction and search engine interaction meaning brands can engage, involve and continually excite their target audiences.

Our world is ‘QUITE GREAT!’

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Here at Quite Great we thrive on creating engaging and interesting video content, whether this be a music video, lyric video, promotional brand video or to be frank any type of video you require. The more unusual the more exciting! Read more…




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Latest Google Reviews

I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Quite Great. The guys have always been very helpful,…

Antimo Magnotta – 5*

Thank you QuiteGreat for being so professional in helping us promote our music! It was straight to business, from the very first call. They helped me reach out to new places; Which is why I will be continuing our great work-relationship, in further promoting The NaveBlues. Thank you very much to Pete, and the entire team, for your quite-amazing job!

Nave Pundik – 5*

Quite Great was very thorough with their preparation of our campaign. The press release was quality through and through, and we were able to jump-start our fan base! We are very grateful for the work Quite Great has done and look forward to a prosperous future.

Homerik – 5*

I recently worked for with Quite Great for promoting my first original song and I have to say I am extremely happy with what they have done for me! I am an independent artist and most of us know how hard it is finding a good PR agency for ourselves. Quite Great has a very professional work system in place, with an unbelievably prompt team who really worked hard to get the word out there about my music. They sent you weekly reports and this helps a lot in understanding how much progress has been made. These guys DELIVER, people 🙂

Neethusha Cherckal – 5*

Sterling work from the whole team! It is a pleasure to help deliver such a great project, as we are truly gaining more momentum daily. So much more to come. Quite Great FTW!

GoodLook Management – 5*

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