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How To Build Fans For Your Band

How To Build Fans For Your Band

August 16, 2018

As you know, I am not the biggest fan of ‘music experts’ who have no real background but just love building email lists around how to use your computer or mobile phone to fully understand Soundcloud, Youtube, etc etc in order to turn you into a star. Always, before you take a large pinch of salt with their information – ask them how successful their advice has been in directly helping acts grow. The reason that as a business Quite Great turned into more of a proxy record label offering artists all the promotional team members , marketing advice, and distribution to help guide developing acts through the maze that is the release process, is simply because we filled a vital gap between developing acts without a label and labels without a team infrastructure.

The reason you find so many companies offering advice online is they use the fly paper approach where you bump into them. We have been lucky enough to work with highly driven managers and it is this chemistry that brings together success – not just how good your newly formed label is at being discovered on page 1 of Google.

I know I may sound a bit angry but do not lose focus on what the core is of all music success and that is well produced, lyrically strong, well-crafted songs that relate to a market AND HAVE PASSION!!! Yes, of course, use the internet but for goodness sake remember that you need to create a dream, you want people who don’t have the talent ….or nerve…to get up on stage and rock out etc.. to idolise you…otherwise what is the point. Many years ago when I started to work with some of my music heroes from Tom Petty to Guns ‘n’ Roses right through to Stevie Wonder and The Bee Gees it was clear that not only were they blessed with being unbelievably talented songwriters but they also gave out that feeling of the world of music belonged to them and that is the feeling you have to develop in your band or as a solo singer.

Once you have understood yourself as an act by simply rehearsing , rehearsing and rehearsing , then go to a dance studio for example or a club and look at yourself or yourselves in the mirror once you understand how you look and how you move when on stage, this odd and slightly uncomfortable first feeling of self-examination is vital as if you truly want to be the best you need to understand how to become the best. We can’t all be Mick Jagger but just hum the Maroon 5 track to yourself and think how important his image, style and stagecraft has been to the enduring nature of The Rolling Stones.

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