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For the past twenty years Quite Great have offered a music promotion services for unsigned and independent artists as well as labels. During this time the face of getting music on the radio and helping to get bands into the charts or signed to major labels has changed dramatically. In the past the ability to get music in front of the right producers, the correct journalists or TV producers was relatively straight forward. You build relations and you discuss the stage your artist is at, and then push gently building media focus. Now everyone thinks they are in the business of music promotion due to the online revolution… and it is a true revolution. Fortunately we were at the birth of that revolution and have learnt a great deal about music promotion for bands online helping folk rock acts like Sandi Thom to gain online attention which translated into massive front page national coverage , then helping the first bands to achieve chart success without the backing of a major label, Koopa, The Dualers and not to mention Nizlopi who allowed us to learn and understand. These are the two key factors when understand great music promotion in the UK.


As stated, now days everyone is an expert on music promotion as they have access to blogs and a huge amount of pointless advice about how to use the likes of Soundcloud, ReverbNation…Twitter…Facebook…etc. Hence everyone knows how to promote music, don’t they? Well no not really. Just think how many successful and I mean truly successful acts have come from nowhere without a real professional team of radio pluggers, TV pluggers, online promo guys and good old print press and the answer is next to none, hence why we created the full in house promotion service for the UK under our Quite Great Label Services brand, helping acts not only set up their distribution but to focus on promoting under one uniform structure.

You might think you understand a lot of areas but you cannot beat the years of experience that the likes of the amazing team at Nonstop Promotions have when they specialise in the promoting of acts for TV or the legends of radio plugging such as Richard Perry. These and guys like them are the backbone of real music promotion in the UK. Every day our radio pluggers in house are communicating with community, online, and local radio stations, gaining first stage playlists that act as a stepping stone for rock bands through to folk acts from around the world aiming to promote music at a price that allows them to grow. That is the aspect of promotion that has changed and confuses many bands. Now with so many services out there offering to get your music played and all you have to do is pay a small amount and you will end up getting basically a lottery result in return, there must be no confusion between companies that employ teams of people to create eye to eye contact with producers, journalist etc and the roll of the dice services. Music Promotion in the UK and the best music pluggers targeting radio , know their contacts, understand what they need and the stresses they find themselves under, they no when to go hard and they no when to tread softly. If this means you end up getting the results you feel you deserve is always open to debate as music to independent artists is not a logical thing, they all think what they create is a hit, but music promotion is about stepping stones, building momentum and team work if you have great music, top production and a unified team behind you then media will come on board and fans will grow.

You Run The Media

Well, not totally but within the campaign structures we will get our inhouse team to create relevant copy in line with the information you give us and create the type of initial description of your music project that fits, looking at your style and image and then writing appropriate first stage insights on the sites we have run for many years which then means that as the next stages grow there will be a mix of live reviews and general that more mainstream media can see and not as can be the case , negative reviews etc..

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