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Stories That Hit The Headlines

Quite Great Stories That Hit The Headlines

At Quite Great we pride ourselves on the creative side of what we do, helping to think through ‘angles’ outlined by our clients, whether they be brands or bands and then turn them into media coverage that get people talking in the pubs and bars and across the coffee tables and blogs of the UK . Over the years we have driven tanks down Regent Street, turned the voice of classical singers into chocolate, and generally done all we can to build appropriate and also often , fun, promotional opportunities that grab attention and build momentum.

What follows is a random selection – random because we have so many it is hard to decide which ones to use – of thought provoking ideas that cover music and brands , naturally due to the nature of the music industry and the fast flowing sales patterns they lean towards music and entertainment but the brand side of our marketing and promotional team are adept at bringing focused creative ideas into the national and local arena working with everyone from racing drivers who gain column inches and broadcast time by getting their car sponsored by the cartoon classic , Dangermouse, to surveys for book launches for the likes of MacMillan, Virgin and many more that highlight changes in the way the public view certain trends within fashion or interiors or how to promote tourist destinations by researching an array of information in order to get headline stats or headline voxpops ideal for the 24 hour news media.

Stories that hit the Headlines

Have a look at some of our creative thinking and we do hope our unique way of approaching a strategic campaign can help your brand or your music and entertainment venture to grow.


Costa Concordia resident pianist to release album inspired by shipwreck

An Italian musician who survived the Costa Concordia shipwreck is to release an album shaped by his experience of the tragic event.

Antimo Magnotta, 46, was the resident pianist on board the cruise ship when it sank in 2012, resulting in the deaths of 32 people.

His album, Inner Landscape, is dedicated to the victims and “based on my introspective thoughts after the disaster”.

Feline & Strange – The Folding Cello

As the cello player of Wave Cabaret band, Feline & Strange, I travel a lot, and it’s mostly by airplane because I am based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2014 we’ve recorded and produced in the U.S. and toured across both North America and Europe.

Transporting a cello requires extra special care, even in comparison to other musical instruments.

Our Musician Therapy Service 

GameDay Xtra

Richie Ramone 

Henry Padovani

The Military Wives 

The Soap Girls

Jammerzine –

BBC NEWS | Health | DIY Olympians told to ‘ease off’

15 Aug 2008 – A gadget helpline has been receiving calls from people wanting to or iPods fail – and that they do not cater for faulty exercise equipment.

More results for thumb exercises gadget helpline

George’s singing waitress lands £1.5 million record deal – Hello!‎

29 May 2007 – For those who haven’t yet heard of Victoria Hart, they soon will. The singing waitress has been the subject of a bidding war between three

THUMB FATIGUE – Gadget Helpline…‎

by Jon Witcombein 38 Google+ circles

18 Nov 2010 – Combat ‘THUMB FATIGUE’ with the Gadget Helpline’s thumb workout! have developed the world’s first exercise video 

1. BBC News – Today – ‘Hey. Ayatollah. Leave those kids alone



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30 Jul 2010 – Sepp and Sohl of the rock band Blurred Vision discuss their re-working of Pink Floyd’s song Another Brick Ayatollah. Leave those kids alone‘.

Siri app: Britain creates its own Evi version | Mail Online – Daily Mail…/…

27 Feb 2012 – Evi has fast earned a place among the most popular apps An app a day keeps the doctor away: Patients told to use mobile phones for a 

[16:19:23] pete bassett:

So exactly what has Sandi Thom done wrong? – Telegraph and Jazz Music

8 Jun 2006 – Sandi Thom should be praised rather than chastised for her chutzpah, writes Neil McCormick. The controversysurrounding singer Sandi Thom 

Fashion line and chart hits for talent ex-homeless youngster … – Metro…/fashion-line-and-chart-hits-for-talent-ex-homeless-young...‎

27 Sep 2012 – At 17, Emmanuel was sleeping rough on the streets – now 29, his band Cussh has tasted chart success and his clothing label is on sale in 

GCSEs in brief: Student’s exam song to be sold as a single …

24 Aug 2012 – A 15-year-old GCSE music student has proved a hit with a song she Not only did the song, “With You”, lead to anA-grade pass in the uses the stage name Caleidra when she sings, is delighted with the song’s success.

Alki David comes to Cambridge’s aid in effort to tackle local Goliaths …‎

27 Dec 2007 – Alki David comes to Cambridge’s aid in effort to tackle local Goliaths. Print David Hands, Rugby Correspondent. Published at 12:00AM,

‘I want to give something back’: Busker signs £2m record deal and ……/I-want-Busker-signs-2m-record-deal-helps-homele…

26 Apr 2012 – comments. A talented musician has signed a £2m record deal after spending seven years making her way as a – street busker. Kristyna Myles 

Double Man of Steel opens up Paul Sculthorpe talks about a ……/rugbyleague/paul-sculthorpe-talks-comeback-bur…‎

11 Apr 2013 – “It was suggested his mate read a couple of rugby league books and a mentor in 15-minute training sessions for office workers at Appitized

BBC – Beds Herts and Bucks – People – Eleanor’s building a reputation! › … › PeoplePeople and Personalities

30 Jun 2008 – Eleanor Purcell has been dubbed “the white van diva” as she’s been building a fan base amongst the most unlikely people – her husband’s 

More results for white van man diva eleanor purcell

Why EMI’s woes hold the key to music’s future – Telegraph and Jazz Music

18 Jan 2007 – The trio, aged between 19 and 22, have neither record contract nor “The top 40 is no longer the playground of the major record companies. Arctic Monkeys, last year’s internet break-out, signed to independent label Domino on the basis Predictably, Koopa now find themselves fielding offers from a 

Liverpool is top of the footballers’ birthplace league – Telegraph News

5 Mar 2011 – Its tally of 62 players who have gone on to appear in the top flight idea for the football study came from Matthew Mason, 33, a TrueKnowledge 

London busker lands major record deal and Vegas gig with Little ……/london-busker-lands-major-record-deal-and-vegas-…

18 Mar 2013 – London busker lands major record deal and Vegas gig with Little Richard. LA or busk: Si Cranstoun is set to perform alongside Little Richard.

Essex Chronicle June 2013 Article Archives, page 2 | HighBeam … › … › UK newspapersEssex ChronicleJune 2013

20 Jun 2013 – Sam’s Not Top of the Pops as Council Bans Nude Swim ; Musical Wannabe Is …. Bare All and Swim for Cause ; YOUR VIEWS SKINNY DIPS

Ayi Jihu: Cambridge dish washer who became China singing ……/AyiJihu-Cambridge-dish-washer-China-singing…‎

10 Sep 2010 – Ayi Jihu barely turned a head this week when she returned to the Chinese takeaway where she washed dishes until three years ago.

Ghetto BUSter – The Sun…/Band-hit-road-in-music-coach.html

Ghetto BUSter. Coach makes tracks … Little Redde on their bus. GRAEME DONOHOE. Published: 03rd October 2009

Gabriella Jones: British singer set to support Beyonce on world tour ……/beyonce-fan-to-support-superstar-on-world-tour-after-ch...‎

25 Apr 2013 – A British singer-songwriter is set to support Beyoncé following a chance encounter while walking her dogs.

Wayne Rooney turns down Nickelback video – Music News – Digital …

27 Sep 2007 – England footballer Wayne Rooney turns down the chance to appear in a new Nickelback video.

U.S. country star Jerry Naylor who replaced Buddy Holly in the ……/U-S-country-star-JerryNaylor-replaced-Buddy-Ho…

24 Apr 2013 – The 74-year-old (pictured) says he was first hired by American spooks in Japan in 1968 when he was asked to use his tour as cover to collect a 

Opera Chic: Garðar Thór Cortes Pwns Joshua Bell‎

21 May 2007 – On June 1, you will be able to find him singing outside of the Leicester Square station to the lunchtime crowds in the name of charity. He is acting in cooperation with Shelter, a(n) UK organiz(s)ation which aims to provide social homes forhomeless kids living in unsafe and overcrowded housing situations.

Hammers’ night at the dropera | The Sun |Sport|Football…/Hammers-night-at-the-dropera.html

7 Sep 2007 – WEST HAM will turn to opera for inspiration before tonight’s crunch against Chelsea. tenor Gardar Thor Cortes to get the crowd on song before kick-off. Cortes declared: “I aim to give them Icelandic inspiration and sing 

Classical Brits: don’t hate them because they’re beautiful – Telegraph

11 May 2008 – West Ham lost the game 4-1, and Cortes hasn’t been asked back. the Iceland Opera and Reykjavik Symphony Orchestra, was a renowned tenor. with his wife, Tinna, an actress in Iceland; and improving his singing voice.

·  Russia’s Material Girl | Mail Online – Daily Mail…/Russia-8217-s-Material-Girl.html

The pop star known as the Russian Madonna has sold more than 100 million Here 40-year-old mother-of-three Valeriya talks about surviving an abusive 

·  Come on over, Valeriya: Meet ‘Russia’s Madonna‘ – Features – Music … & EntsMusicFeatures

1 Apr 2008 – A slim, blonde singer with a vulnerable look and an involved history may be about to burst upon us, as Russia’sbiggest cultural export since

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