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When choosing your pr and marketing team it is vital to have a strong understanding of the professionalism of those who run the company and hence those who oversee the projects their staff carry out on behalf of their clients, whether it be public relations, video production, website development or seo work. Quite Great was formed in 1996 , it’s heritage stems from it’s founders whose background was based in Music, Art, Celebrity and Consumer . They learnt their craft at Jive records ; MCA/Universal , and Polydor with their associated imprints of Motown and Geffen, Fiction label , The Really Useful Group as well as legendary creative Fmcg London agency Jackie Cooper Pr now part of Edelman with a twist of fine art and auction houses including Sotherbys and Eastern England’s premier equivalent Cheffins. Music and entertainment has always been the bedrock of the business but we have a two decade history of working with brands , retail and entrepreneurs , Our history includes everyone from Van Morrison and Nickelback to Macmillan book Publishing, Mick Jagger, The Health Lottery, Meatloaf, Kiss, through to baby brands, Ministry of Sound , food companies such as Munchy Seeds, mobile apps, Mariah Carey, The Cure, Brian Eno, Sir Bob Geldof, babywear brands, Tech companies, more legends like Rod Stewart, Talking Heads, retailers and many online enterprises.

If you imagine our life being something like a department store with music on one level, fashion on another, celebrity on the next, retail and website publicity up the escalator, topped off by a bit of Prince, Cher and Guns ‘n’ Roses. Our life is varied and that was makes us different, on the one side understanding spotify playlist promotion and on the other, hard- nosed media relations setting up interviews to launch brands. Creative thinking is vital with again a history of driving tanks down Regent Street or huge fly postering on the side of Battersea Power station.

We love what we do and we aim to make sure all our staff share our vision when helping bring your project to the world. Your Talent is our Business and it is teamwork that brings everything together, so hopefully you have now discovered what makes us different so hopefully you can find a service to fit your needs and you will be contacting us for a chat very soon.


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Quite Great Music Marketing offers artists all the label services they may need to promote their music. In addition to our long standing promotional team that covers press, online and radio within one streamlined , homogenous team , we can arrange distribution , we also have our own label , Palila as well as a publishing agreement with Notting Hill and an agency that covers touring for bands as well as management all these form the Artist and Label services side of what we do.

We have been going since 1996 based on the idea that the business of music promotion and marketing should be fun, creative and honourable. As a company the music team strive to make sure that we act on behalf of our clients in a professional manner and insure that communication with them is at the forefront of everything we do. Our business model is simple, we will discuss your needs with you and work out a way to create a budget and on occasions a partnership that can help you maintain your release patterns and band development without fearing that the wheels are going to fall off. The Quite Great Firm has a reputation for creative marketing and the stories we develop are regularly in the media, we love what we do as we believe music is one of the four most important things in life.


Since its formation in 1996, the Quite Great PR Firm has been approached to do many non-music and entertainment brands. Initially by the likes of Clinnix Health Manager, we were later brought in by the U.S. retailer Tower Records to promote and market the retail online launch. Very much in at the birth of the dotcom boom we helped many business to business online initiatives.

The national clients also broadened into regional clients enabling us to develop a strong understanding of local businesses specialising in the IT world and technology; through to agriculture, estate management, fine art, etc. At which point many boutique brands wanted us to create videos for websites, help with media training as well as guided in how to develop greater links with music.

We understand how to work with our clients and become one of their team – as if we were sitting in their office with them. It doesn’t matter if our client is a jewellery company in Los Angeles, a babywear brand in South Africa, a street wear clothing company in New York or a technology company in the heart of Cambridge, we cater for their needs as if they were next door.

In recent years, we have helped on all levels of PR developing effective strategic blogging, seeding and gaining media exposure on all the major online service providers right through to major local and national media. We know how to broaden a PR theme to give it national appeal and that is due to our unique company background.

We love what we do and we love new challenges. As an efficient, friendly, hard working music PR firm our experience and determination match each other equally. We believe that it doesn’t matter how much experience one has, it is about the combined effort that is made so as to translate that into true and effective PR coverage.

PR that will help drive sales and open up word of mouth channels. In an age of 24 hour news awareness a PR team need to have all levels of the media covered and we pride ourselves on having some of the broadest contacts from radio, national newspapers, online to TV. We know what can help you gain the PR you need.

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