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 Quite Great Brand Video Services

Quite Great have been involved with a broad range of projects from mobile app promotions including the ‘Evi app’ which was sold to Amazon for $26 million, and Zing the latest smart watch to rival the Apple’s i-Watch with a more realistic price tag. We’ve also worked on the Pan European campaign for New Kids on The Block and The Backstreet Boys and the streaming of their shows at The 02 to cinemas across the UK and Europe. Other examples include the TV show Pawn Stars UK,, Munchy Seeds; Chaplin’s Circus, Cafe Nero, Hotel Du Vin, Glamour Kills, The Health Lottery along with many other house hold names. The company’s expertise has also helped promote DVDs, books, films and life style brands.

We also offer our own video service for brands for which we are then able to promote and gain traction for, offering a professional level of video production. This could be a short advert piece or a longer video really showing the heart of your brand, whatever the end goal we are able to achieve it.

If you’re looking for an online marketing edge or a way of inspiring existing customers, a video format should be your next good decision.

We have produced video for all sectors of business, from individuals, charities, and budget conscious start-ups to educational institutions and large corporations. We are relentless in moving boundaries and finding solutions to fulfil any video requirements. We offer a clear rate-card too. No hidden charges, no expensive overheads or bottom line surprises.

Your brand matters, which is why every  video is shot in 1920 x 1080 (16bit) High Definition and is delivered at broadcast-quality. Your clients and customers are living in an HD world and we believe you simply have to match their expectations. We also offer 4k video services if required.

We work closely with clients; refining their desired message and ensuring that all scripts or shot lists capture exactly what is needed before any shooting begins. During the edit process each cut of the project is made available for online review via a shared intercom ftp server.


Talk to us

Explain to us why your company is unique. And then, let us display to the world about what you do best and what makes you, you.

Our promotional brand videos enable the audience to get to the heart of your business and give it an authentic voice which will speak to the masses. In a time where kids with cameras are able to get more web views than most thriving business, it is critical your messages are speaking effectively and directly to your key audiences.

Let us in

We’ll be pleasant and respectful guests; a promise we stand by. We just want to spend some time observing you whilst in your natural flow, allowing us to see your brand in motion.

Here at Quite Great we don’t think we  know you better than you know yourself. We are a team that will invest time and effort in aid of gaining key insights into you and your brand to ensure the work we create truly portrays your own values.

If this process is one that involves big chats and time with you and your team we won’t be complaining – as long as coffee is present. We want to truly understand you and your brand to be able to create the best possible video to reflect you and your brand.

Multiple beats one

We have the view to never run all guns blazing with the first idea, no matter how good it is. Even if we both feel we’ve come up with a stellar vision within our first conversation, it is best to delve deeper and explore every aspect.

Upon brainstorming a range of strong ideas – with at least a few that you love – only then will we move towards an approach for your brand video.

Any ideas that don’t get used will not go to waste. As with fine cheese, they will mature on the shelf, ready to be used when the correct occasion presents itself.

Your brand, pinpointed

Your brand video may be a frankly honest tale of dialogue. It could incorporate motion graphics to add an edge. Possibly a short film with an amazing soundtrack. Whichever it is here at Quite Great we want to be able to deliver you something better than you envisioned.

The Quite Great video team is here to create the highest quality promotional videos for companies who place trust in us for our creative thinking and intuitive ideas.

Get in contact today and let’s talk about your brand!

To discuss how we can help you and your brand reach your target , contact us via or skype us at QUITEGR8 , we look forward to hearing from you.

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