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Why Artists Need PR


Why Artists Need PR

October 13, 2017

Fame and talent go hand in hand you might think , especially in the world of music and even more so perhaps in relation to the art world. Talent alone as many musicians and even more artists have found , is generally not enough without the media attention.

There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about’ Oscar Wilde

We are all influenced by what we read, hear, see whether unconsciously or consciously and this determines what we consider important enough to entertain and of course buy. When an artist who paints is lucky enough to have found some good sponsors or patrons this can be gold dust but these patrons themselves will often demand PR in one of its many guises to support their faith in their artist. We all like to be popular!

We also all love a story, sad or happy and the background of an artist, their route to success and their ambition to succeed will help their whole campaign. Although the thought of painting for the love and passion of it is a wonderful notion, it may not always pay the bills or bring ultimate satisfaction however success and recognition within the art world and press of this deserved talent will possibly have a much better chance of delivering this goal, where ultimately the goal is to share the art and messages with as many people as possible.

‘Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings’ – Salvador Dali

Artists may feel that the pursuit of recognition in the world in the form of organised PR is somewhat blatant and un-cool, but if the ambition is to enable their art to be shared to a wider audience PR can help. Some of the most famous, most successful artists of all time have achieved obviously achieved mass recognition through massive publicity – Banksy’s elusiveness has given him a fantastic PR angle which has obviously worked wonders and spawned copycat artists worldwide, oh and of course made him one of the most desired artists in the world. This has enabled him to be an influential artist who can make a difference in the world with his viewpoints. Of course the artist’s talent is the initial kick start for this successful PR and PR can only build upon this talent and indeed ambition. PR is about creative thinking whilst telling a great story, knowing who your audience is and making sure you can attain their attention with the most absorbing honest story telling.  In a world so full of talent to achieve the best PR means constantly creating new original ideas whilst highlighting the artist’s talents.

Communication is one of the most important factors for all artists and therefore the more PR they can achieve the more their messages can be successfully conveyed and respected.  If an artist can then make their words heard, they can make a difference and decide the boundaries that exist within their world and stretch these whilst reaching out to a much broader audience.

‘If I was down to my last dollar I would spend it on Public Relations’ Bill Gates

Lisa Freeman

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