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How To Put Your Band On The Map


How To Put Your Band On The Map

October 10, 2018

So, now you have stepped outside of the rehearsal studio – or your family garage – you have the songs , you have what you feel is the image and elements of stagecraft and yes, of course you have your social networking tools at your fingertips…the next step is to become the biggest band in the world or the biggest artist in the world. If you don’t want this then pack up and go and work in Morrisons [other supermarkets are available] or head to the office job that should really simply be the means to fund your dream – certainly up to the age of 25!

The first step to becoming the biggest band in the world is to become the biggest band in your street, start the buzz, experiment, don’t worry about the major venue, find somewhere where people are – head for a street near you and build your audience, don’t worry initially about the data capturing just get out there and feel the lack of interest from the public understand how much they just do not care about what you are doing, check out their eyes as they make a determined effort not to take any notice of you. This is what you need to understand, the world is not waiting for you, you are waiting for the world – then the feeling when someone, just one person starts to connect and stops and listens.

This is the first step to your efforts to become the greatest music act on the planet – it sounds daft and you might much prefer to rush back to the wonderful online advice about how to sell your music on the net but it is this moment that will be the starting point. Hold back on your desire to follow online PR tips for unsigned bands and do not allow the words DATA CAPTURE to spoil the moment. Live the dream as this might be as good as it gets.

Ok, so depending on what happens next this first fan could end up being your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or just more likely the person who tells someone else. Now it is important to remember that your aim is to become the biggest noise in music down your street first, naturally you will need to move quite quickly but the experience will be truly fulfilling as friends and family, next door neighbours etc are vital in building your understanding of what you are all about, again don’t forget this process of street building is likely to take a month maximum, you need to be motivated, invite your neighbours old, young and those inbetween to come to your front garden, green, back garden, garage and hear you and see you for no longer than twenty minutes, just a taster, just a tester, just a way to get a feeling for what you will be unleashing soon.

Now this is where you ask them to bring their phones and interact with the birth of a soon to be legend, this kind of event is also worth informing your local paper about, as again if it is a truly quiet day and you have families attending there is a chance that you will get your first media attention – why should this happen? Well, in part because you made the effort to contact them, if they do not turn up make sure you take hi-res images of the event, the odder the better and send them to the picture desk of your local paper with just a few words basically telling them to contact you, if your timing is right you will end up in your local paper and then being interviewed on your local afternoon show on the BBC.

You are creating something interesting , not very interesting admittedly but interesting enough on a slow news day to draw attention to yourselves and yes ok now it is fine to mention social media from this point as long as you have gone to the effort of making sure your bands name/artist name is emblazoned on the backdrop of the photo, fence, house, garage door, in the trees etc. Also another tip, with the photo maker sure it is a. In focus b. Interesting . c. Fits a headline; ie snappy one-liner to make the sub editor’s job easier, then you are on your first step to world domination!

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