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Music PR Tips: Promoting your music online


Music PR Tips: Promoting your music online

November 15, 2016

At Quite Great Music PR, online promotion of our artists plays a huge role in what we do everyday. This ranges from getting musicians featured on online blogs and publications to assisting them with their social media profiles and getting the best out of modern networking. But what are we trying to achieve through these online mediums?

As an unsigned artist who wants to promote themselves online, it is important to set yourself targets. In the initial stages, only you can decide what these will be, but undoubtedly your first and foremost concern will be for more people know about you and your music. If this is the case, try to think about how you can get people to actually interact with your online presence, to engage in a way that shows they care about your music. In the beginning, it’s fine to give things away, little freebies and promos, but as the general consensus now seems to be that music should be free, try to weigh up what you actually get in return when you hand stuff out.

Another thing to consider is getting your priorities right. Many online advice sources will outline an array of methods from Mixcloud to Soundcloud, Bandcamp to BandsinTown and Kickstarter to Songkick. But the problem is that although they say they can help you build your online profile in a number of different ways, the reality of the situation is that it is pointless unless you have first developed your music to the best level you possibly can. You see many small acts and musicians who foolishly try to build this presence before they have honed their art and found out who they truly are as artists and creators of music.

This is what you should have clear in your mind when embarking on the journey of being a musician. You can write your material, work with the best producers you can, then perfect your craft before looking in to the opportunities that the online world can offer. But remember, if you take your music to the world before you even know yourself (and the online world practically is the whole world), you can’t expect anyone else to understand and love what you are doing.

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