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Music Tips For Unsigned Bands

Music Tips For Unsigned Bands

August 10, 2018

Who is the best management team in UK for unsigned bands, rock bands, best folk pr manager etc?
It’s time to call on the Incredible Hulk or Steve Martin!


It is clear that one of the questions I am continually asked as a company dealing in all aspects of label services for music in the UK, is who is the best manager for my band or conversely , when should we try and find a manager or double conversely can your company manage us…the last question is easy to answer as once we have developed a pr plan there is always an option to embrace this within our label services, but remembering that unless there is some promotion, some buzz, some real activity a band manager becomes a holy grail for a band , or a solo act, an obsession like a toothache and no dentist appointment for the foreseeable future, like a rattle in your car that just cannot be found or that old chestnut, the itch you just can’t scratch….well it has become clear to me that prior to building up any activity the person who is best to manage the band is clear and it is a bit of a growing trend. The number of times we now talk to bands and they introduce themselves without any development as yet, just aiming to get on board our DIY label plan, and there are two distinct tendencies and I must say I like both of them.


The first is the family member normally the father who is the person involved in the first stage discussions and they are normally very savvy indeed, having had a very steep learning curve prior to arriving at our door, unless they wished us to arrange production as well, as they have dealt with the producer and come head to head with the artist / producer dynamic which can always cause fireworks and headaches if not handled correctly . over the years there have been many, many very successful parents who manage their children, Paul Weller springs to mind , so don’t be worried about bringing in the parent , but do make sure that everyone concerned understands the working methods and also there is generally a point reached where the passionate parent really wishes to jump ship and get on with their lives more fully so always be aware and prepare for this.


The other communication we like is from the Incredible Hulk, that is quite simply a very determined band member who has been given the big green light by the band to contact everyone from blogs to the Head of the BBC ….there are no boundaries… they make contact under the guise of someone else hence normally a pseudonym and it works well at least for two or three minutes , then once it is asked who writes the songs, or is the lead singer the cat is out of the bag, but normally these two types of early-stage managers get results as they have PASSION! They have DETERMINATION and the have loved, whether it be love for their offspring or love of their band’s songs, in any case, that is the key, a belief to get things done and initially that will take you and your band through the first few months of development.

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