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Rig Rundown with My Heart Is A Metronome


Rig Rundown with My Heart Is A Metronome

February 15, 2017

Calling all gear-heads! If you love watching videos of your favourite bands running through all their fancy tech and instruments, then we have the video for you! The boys from Swedish indie-rock-pop sensation, My Heart Is A Metronome (MHIAM) were kind enough to invite us into their studio, give us a tour and introduce us to their beautiful instruments. Not only that, but they show us some of the beautiful sounds that they make too, which they are beginning to become famous for.

If you’re yet to hear of MHIAM, then we’d strongly suggest you take a listen now so you can say that you’d heard of them before they got really big!




MHIAM have just released their EP entitled ‘Tierp’ and you can listen to the single of the same name here: 


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